Waldorf school vs. traditional school: are both education systems real alternatives to each other?

Waldorf education as real alternative the traditional school systemThinking about an alternative to the traditional school for your child?

  • Key facts about Waldorf school education,
  • how it differs from traditional school education,
  • what will be benefits for your child at Waldorf school comparing to traditional school.

To every time a criticism of the existing traditional state education system is published by media and social networks. The discussion about the incredible loads on pupils, often meaningless, is still going on. The ruling meaning is that the traditional schools aren't for losers.

To every time every parents are thinking about the possibilities of alternative education for their children, mostly a kind of education, where the child would not be continually under performing pressure.

To become able to choose Waldorf school system of education as an alternative education system parents should become familiar with the essence of the system, which is based on Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy.

Do not be afraid of "supernatural"

The basis of the Waldorf school is anthroposophic teaching, created by Austrian philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner. According to Wikipedia, "anthroposophy is a mystical teaching, a kind of theosophy, based on a human essence, deified and revealed only to the initiated." But this description should be read with attention. When reading about anthroposophy, it is important to see how it is generally understood and interpreted. In general, there is nothing special and strange in studying a person from the spiritual and mental point of view. In this case, the word "supernatural", which in this case means an intangible component, should not be frightened.

Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy is the philosophical basis of Waldorf education system

Anthroposophy was born at the beginning of the last century. "Anthroposophically oriented spiritual science is not any theory or sectarian program on a par with other party or sectarian programs, for it derives from the knowledge that can be acquired if the development of the Earth and the development of mankind are comprehended in their interaction and in their integrity," said Rudolf Steiner, the founder of this teaching. Then Waldorf schooling system is applying it to the education and upbringing of the human person.

Anthroposophy deeply studies a person - his spiritual, mental and emotional level. Waldorf pedagogy is based on these aspects and takes into account the developmental features of the child at a certain age and then builds the training, taking into account these features.

How the Waldorf school differs

What is the Waldorf school? This is, first of all, a school where educators understand and accept the fact that the emotional development of the child assumes that it can absorb and process knowledge of a certain level in a dosed and at the right time. In the Waldorf education system there is no room for pressure and "driving in" knowledge and immature minds. But there is follow the emotional development of the child.

In the established state education school, some teachers do not understand why a child at a certain age behaves in one way or another, many of teachers are authoritarian, make demands that are not always adequate to the age of the child. For example, parents and teachers try to give the child as much knowledge in the kindergarten, put a rigid framework - to what age you need to be able to read and so forth, the same goes on in the primary school. Some parents of first-graders naturally weep from the incredible burden on children in the first years of school. Because this load, of course, is shared by the parents themselves.

Understanding the stages of emotional development of the child is always available to Waldorf teachers. Each subject in its own way supports this development. Nobody may shove as much knowledge as possible in a certain period of time, but take into account the age at which a child is able to perceive certain information. Teaching a child up to the age of seven must take place in a game form, according to the age-specific features of perception Information.

As an example - to give the opportunity to fantasize using the simplest toys. Or, for example, drawing. Draw kids start to learn from watercolors - color spots, then only move to clear shapes. Mathematics begins with division. Understanding the whole - here, before you an apple. It is one. We cut into parts - it turns out so many parts. All this develops and supports, first of all, figurative thinking, the ability to see the phenomenon entirely and fragmented into parts.

Profession - person of integrity

An initiative group of parents in a neighborhood opened Waldorf garden, and on one of the children's holidays, when one of the kids was asked what he wants to become, he answered - person of integrity. This answer speaks for itself, and characterizes Waldorf education very well

The Waldorf system creates a natural environment for the full-fledged emotional development of the individual. And when the child goes to school, the transition there is more smoothly - through the emotional sphere, without a sharp immersion in the intellectual sphere. Waldorf educators are waiting very patiently when the child's psyche ripens to the perception of the intellectuality.

In the Waldorf school, children with physical disabilities can peacefully learn, a comfortable environment is created for them.

It is usually considered here if from the first to the eighth grade of children "leads" one teacher, a class teacher teaching basic subjects. And all the students of the Waldorf school go to classes with joy - maybe this is the main cause to think about alternative education system? If you seriously think about Waldorf school as an alternative education system for your child, it could be interesting for you to read a survey results about pro and contra of Wadorf education.

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