How children learn reading at Waldorf school

reading teaching at waldorf schoolAt Waldorf school children begin to read in the age of 7. Waldorf educators means this isn't too late.

Have you ever had to justify to skeptical friends and family, why teaching reading before the age of 7 is not always a good idea? If so perhaps you, like me, have felt discouraged by your observation that some of your audience will leave the conversation in grave doubt of your parenting skills, a fact they will no doubt discuss at great length afterwards.

It seems that the greater public is so entrenched in the idea that Waldorf education system works (despite govenment constantly smashing and rehashing it), any hope of opening our friend's and family's eyes to better possibilties will be pointless. How do you explain to someone who doesn't want to understand - who is sometimes too afraid to understand - that the state system teaches reading (and writing) in a way that alienates the child from the very thing they are meant to profit from?

Education should be something magical and inspiring. Instead, it often closes children's minds when it should be opening them.

See this inspiring video about the Waldorf school method of reading teaching. It's creative, it makes fun, and if I were a child, I *know* I would much prefer learning this way.

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